last updated 01/19/2013


The membership limit is set each year by the owners and is based upon the number and  activity level of the current members as well as the outlook for the upcoming year's  game population.    

All members are equal.  New members have the same privileges as those who have long tenure in the club.

You will be welcomed  if, in the opinion of the club owners, the believe  you will be a SAFE and responsible hunter who will practice good sportsmanship (respects other hunters, obeys South Carolina hunting regulations, etc.) and adhere to the rules of the Poulos Sportsman Club.   

In the event there are insufficient openings to accommodate all of those who apply,  you will be placed on on waiting list and contacted as soon as an opening becomes available.

For up to date  availability, contact the owners.   Contact information is available at:    http://www.poulossportsmanclub.com/contact.htm


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